Hay Fever Treatments - Most hay fever sufferers manage to control their symptoms with antihistamines and/or steroid nasal sprays. Modern antihistamines tend to cause less drowsiness than earlier medications and are remarkably safe. However, some people suffer so badly they find medications are ineffective and others don’t wish to continually use medications so they look for preventative methods.

Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD) is a treatment developed by a brilliant Immunologist in the 1960’s, Dr. Len McEwen.  He found that an injection containing a single dose of grass pollen, in a very low concentration, mixedwith a very small amount of beta glucuronidase (an enzyme produced naturally by the body) was very effective in the treatment hay fever.  Further research by Dr. McEwen has made this treatment very effective for most types of allergy and intolerances.

Since the dose of allergen needed for EPD is extremely low(much smaller than that used in conventional desensitising injections), this treatment is also much safer.  Approximately 750,000 treatments of EPD have been given worldwide over the past 40 years and there have not been any serious orlife threatening reactions with it.

Hay Fever Treatments


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